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Amidst the theatre productions we have performed to public audiences, the most popular has been the Supper Theatre series we began in 2018. This involves performing a comedy or drama play, with professional actors at a beautiful restaurant in the city as the setting. Audiences enjoy a meal alongside watching the show, a unique experience for diners and theatre enthusiasts alike! 


"When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone". In this age of unpredictable online romances and rapidly evolving relationship dynamics, this Tennessee Williams' musing still rings true. Leogirl Productions presents Williams In Love, a trio of funny one-act plays plays on men, women and everything in between by the famous American gem, Tennessee Williams. 
Cast: Vishaal Sethia, Srishti Gautam, Rea Malhotra, Priti Rao and Jiten Jatania. 

Written by: Tennessee Williams
Venues Performed at- The Sassy Spoon and Hard Rock Cafe


Karen Nash has booked suite 719 at The Plaza Hotel, New York to celebrate her 10th wedding anniversary with husband Sam in the hope to rekindle the spark in their marriage. What ensues, in Neil Simon's classic New York comedy style, is wild arguments, bottles of champagne and finally, all hell breaking loose.

Cast: Suhail Sidhwani Priyanka Banerjee Srishti Gautam and Jiten Jatania. 
Written by: Neil Simon 

Venues Performed at- The Sassy Spoon


One morning, 1930's America wakes up to the news that the beloved movie actress, Kay Gonda is wanted for murder. On the run, she unexpectedly enters the lives of four of her most ardent fans, finding them from the addresses on their fan letters. One by one, over a single night, she visits an upright family man, a failing activist, a wealthy playboy and a lost soul. To each she pleads for help, hoping they will comply with the promises of their letters. By night's end, she has tested the integrity of those who claim to embrace ideals. 
Originally written as a novel, Rand's "Ideal" has only been performed twice before. Leogirl Productions' rendition is its third production in the world. 
Cast: Divyesh Vijayakar, Jiten Jatania, Shanaya Boyce, Keith Sequeira, Natasha Agrawal, Priyanka Banerjee, Vishaal Sethia, Monal Thaakar, Rushaad Dastur, Paolomi Dharamshi, Zeus Paranjape.
Written by: Ayn Rand
Produced as part of: Leogirl Productions-Tao Art Gallery's "Flawed Few Series" 
Music: Tushar Lall, Trupil Patil


Norma and Roy Hubley are the first of generations of Hubleys to have their only daughter, Mimsey married at the famous Plaza in New York. The guests are in, the canapés and champagne are served, the groom is waiting at the altar. There’s just one teeny hiccup: Mimsey refuses to get out the bathroom to attend her wedding. 
Watch her squabbling, fighting parents try to convince her of the institution of marriage in Leogirl Productions’ adaptation of Neil Simon’s classic comedy Visitor from Forest Hills
Cast: Yashwant Singh, Gillian Pinto, Shanaya Boyce and Hose Gonzalez

Venues performed for: Devotie and The Sassy Spoon