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Duration: (10 minutes, 40 seconds)
Cast: Vipin Sharma, Manjiri Pupala 

In a dinghy corner of a Mumbai ghetto, Daya (meaning: compassion), a restaurant delivery man and his wife, Urmila, a dishwasher for homes, have built a life of simple pleasures with their daughter Aarya. Amongst nosy neighbours and rickety amenities, they create their own little world. It is the only refuge of those suffering a lifelong disparity dealt to them. But, every few days, they exit this world to enter a darker one. Here, they become transactors of the only business available to them: the business of compassion.
Recognition: Official Selection at Indisches Film Festival (German India Film Festival), Stuttgart, Germany, New Delhi International Film Festival, Large Short Films' Short of the Week, Filmbooth Inc Screenings. 


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Duration: 18 minutes, 10 seconds​
Cast: Rajesh Balwani, Prammod Sanghi, Monal Thaakar, Monica Mahendru, Gillian Pinto
Music/Sound: Tushar Lall​
Editor: Ritvik Tyagi​
Cinematographer: Tuhin Mukherjee

Monica Mahendru, Gillian Pinto two best friends faced with the inevitable cliché.A recently unemployed man and a coloring book. Moms who became moms too soon. A father-daughter speaking too much of the truth.
A writer's broken heart choosing between revenge, peace and that third slice of cake. At 3 pm on a Monday afternoon, a Mumbai coffee shop houses 5 stories. Alienated by the space between tables, they continue in their islands, only to acknowledge one another with the slightest of pauses, a comma. Starring 15 characters in a metropolitan's prime refuge, "Commas" is 18 minutes of strangely relatable humdrum.
Recognition: Official Selection at the 2nd Filmingo Film Festival and White Walls Screenings

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