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We are a boutique content and video production company that works with brands and corporates to tell their stories aesthetically and authentically. 
Today's audiences (both customers and employees) need messaging that is visual, experiential and makes a big impact in a small amount of time. Film, Theatre and the mediums of storytelling are a wonderful way to emotionally engage your audience and win favour with them.
We work with brands and corporates both, on building their digital marketing video content and their employer brand, with an added expertise in Diversity & Inclusion-related content. 

For marketeers, our Video & Film Production wing works on end-to-end production for several clients right from scripting, casting, to the final finished campaign. 

For Corporate Communications, our first-of-it's-kind Theatre for Learning wing creates 35-40 min virtual bespoke theatre productions followed by powerful, facilitated discussions on the issues of Diversity & Inclusion and Culture that are used by multiple multi-national companies and large-sized Indian organisations to inspire reflection, commitment and camaraderie in their workforce. Our video production wing also produces several internal video campaigns for employee engagement and employer branding. 

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An English Literature major, Priyanka is a Filmfare award-winning writer-director and Founder at Leogirl-Productions. Although she began working on Leogirl in 2014 informally, she established it as a content and production house in May 2018. Since, she has saddled careers as both a theatre & film writer-director and entrepreneur, with several short films that have found acclaim at festivals globally, alongwith awards for entrepreneurship. In 2019, she was recognised as the Top 100 Women Transforming India by the Government of India's Niti Aayog. She is also a regular speaker and member of the prestigious Dell Women Entrepreneurs' Network. 

Priyanka's latest fiction venture as a director was the powerful short on women and sisterhood starring Kajol, Neha Dhupia, Shruti Haasan and 6 other dynamic artists called Devi. The film released on 2nd March, 2020 on Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films and got 15 million views in 1 month, the fastest for any Indian short film ever. The film also won in the Best Short Film (Popular Choice) category at the Filmfare Awards 2021. 


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